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Student Dress Code


Our guidelines for proper dress are to preserve the physical and emotional safety of students and to minimize disruption in the classroom.

  • Clothing worn by students should have adequate coverage of areas typically covered by undergarments.
  • Clothing that includes disruptive or discriminatory statements or that references gang affiliation, sexual content, drugs and/or alcohol is not acceptable.
  • For safety reasons, footwear must be sturdy and cover the foot in order to protect feet during PE and recess activities (flip flops and open-toed sandals are not allowed).
  • Students are welcome to wear hats outside, but they are not to be worn inside the building or classroom.
  • During cold and variable weather students should have warm clothing since they spend a part of every day in outside play.

Staff may determine if clothing/appearance is disruptive to the school environment. If this occurs, we will be in contact with you to determine a workable solution to address the issue.